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Wuhan ZhongHuaChangCheng petrochemical limited liability company -- Hubei province China large-scale petrochemical enterprises, relying on the superior geographical environment, convenient transportation and innovative talent resources, high technology Integrated Company specializing in production of environment-friendly lubricating oil research, sales and service as a whole.
Company's products are environmentally friendly international advanced oil products, covering automotive oil, heavy load gear oil tanker with engineering, and grease or antifreeze and many other petrochemicals, preferably refined base oil and imported additives to ensure excellent product quality, excellent performance, expand oil ideas, promote clean environmental protection, cost savings for consumers.
The company uses the advanced production line and production equipment in technology, have a first-class level of blending technology and perfect testing means, with professional quality inspection laboratory room, professional laboratory technicians, including experimental instrument for determining ST265-3 ST265-1 for determination of kinematic viscosity; kinematic viscosity; ST510-2F petroleum products Determination of freezing point; ST3536-1 open flash point determination TG328A analysis; ST265-4 scale; low temperature viscosity measuring device and so on, can test the indexes, including 40 degrees, 100 degrees of motion viscosity, cloud point, pour point, flash point and ignition point, low viscosity, acid value, moisture. Quality inspector for each batch of products are strictly determined by technology research, repeated verification of the multi formula.
The company has 6000 square meters of production plant, with more than 8000 tons of base oil reserve capacity. Dongxihu government departments strongly support the construction of the factory area, and the Wuhan product quality and Technical Supervision Bureau is satisfied with the product quality test. The company has a group of elite sales team, strict management practices, sales outlets throughout the large and medium-sized city of provinces and cities nationwide, has a stable and growing customer base and broad prospects for development, and well-known in the international.
Wuhan Sinochem the Great Wall Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is committed to developing China's lubricants industry, with sophisticated technology, high-quality products to serve the public, leading the automotive lubricants market.
Main products or services:
Vehicle lubricating oil, lubricating oil, industrial oil, brake oil, antifreeze, hydraulic oil, gear oil, in the Great Wall, the Great Wall in the the Great Wall industrial oil and lubricating oil, in the the Great Wall car oil, thermal oil, oil, oil vapor in the Great Wall, in the Great Wall in diesel oil, in the Great Wall in the Great Wall gear, transformer oil, special oil in the Great Wall, in the the Great Wall of the Great Wall in mold oil, turbine oil.
Major customer base:
Lubricating oil dealers, large industrial and mining enterprises, automobiles maintenance plants, paper making, power generation, cement factories, printing and dyeing industry.



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